Switching to a New California Bank Account

California bank accountPeople often put off switching to a new California bank because it seems like a chore. They know the new CA bank has better interest rates, no cost checking, great CD rates, and even better loans, but they put off the big switch. Perhaps the biggest thing is turning off the automatic transactions and getting them started at a new bank.

With all those worries, here’s a checklist on how to switch bank accounts with your mind at ease:

1. Open an account at your new CA bank using just a bit of cash

2. Transfer direct deposits or automatic payments to the new bank. This way, money going in will automatically go in and you don’t have to worry about it

3. Start using your new account, now that it is funded, for day to day transactions and daily business affairs, ATM and all

4. After a month or two, after you are positive that everything is working correctly and no payments or transfers have been missed, you can close your old CA bank account

The process of switching over to a new California bank account is really that simple. Just allow for enough time between the opening of the new account and closing of the old CA bank account.


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