California Bank & Trust offers new service for Law Firms

legal bankingLaw firms often have special banking needs. With many banks looking for ways to differentiate their offerings, many discover that companies in certain industries have similar needs, but they are different to other industries.

A tailored banking service for law firms’ banking needs has been created by California Bank & Trust (CB&T).

The CB&T, as it worked with different legal firms in California, recognized and developed a “unique banking package designed specifically for the legal field.” This new package is specifically designed for small and medium-sized law firms. Its products and services feature special savings accounts and other flexible packages for legal professionals.

“Given the competitive landscape in the law industry, it is important to deliver smart financial solutions to streamline their banking relationship, optimize cash flow through our award-winning treasury management systems and service, and give legal professionals access to competitive financing options,” said Steve Borg, senior vice president and corporate marketing director of CB&T. He added that this new package can help law firms and legal practitioners handle their finances easier and worry-free.

Further, the bank giant said that it is more proof of its commitment to help business firms and organizations in California to expand and grow farther by way of providing efficient and effective financial tools through bank products and services.

Over the past year, banks have been providing services for niche markets, such as for dentists and other professionals that have similar specific needs. This seems to be a good strategy, because not only have these businesses been taking up the offers, but other banks have followed in their footsteps. The market leaders are invariably those banks that gt in early and do a good job of marketing the packages.

California Bank & Trust already has a Dental Loan package, which we reported on in June. See our story: California Bank & Trust Extracts Dental Loan Packages


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