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California Bank Highest 1-year Money Market Rates Still Less than 1%

Money market rates from California banks are still exceedingly low. Our consumer banking reporters have found that these are the highest rates from CA banks which you can see are almost entirely less than 1%: California First National Bank 1.08% State Bank of India 1.00% OneWest Bank 0.90% OneUnited Bank 0.90% United Central Bank 0.85% […]


New California Savings Account Interest Rates

We haven’t updated our California savings account interest rates reporting in a while because, well, rates have been so low and doing nothing at all. But times are a changing. We are starting to see some movement at the low end of the interest rate curve because rates are rising a bit. Here are the […]


Best California Jumbo Savings Accounts

Your California savings — where do you deposit them if you want a California savings bank? The choices are large, but when you have a lot of money the choices explode. If you have between $50,000 and $100,000 as a minimum, that’s usually enough money for a California jumbo savings account, which usually means you […]


Best California Interest Rates

Savers want to know what are the best California interest rates? Where can you find them, where do you go? Should you be parking your money in a savings account, CD, or money market, and does my favorite California bank offer one of the top rates? What about California checking accounts – who has the […]


SmartyPig Announces Rate Cut

SmartyPig just announced that its interest yield on accounts will drop from 2.15% to 1.75% APY for accounts up to $50,000, and the change goes into effect September 7, 2010. That’s a .35% decline, which is a lot for savers. This reflects the fact that interest rates are falling nationwide, and so SmartyPig’s bank partner, […]


Highest California Jumbo Money Market Rates

Our California readers have asked us about the best or highest current jumbo money market rates because they don’t want to buy certificates of deposit and lock in a low rate right now. They’d rather take the risk that interest rates must rise sometime soon and park their somewhat substantial sum (jumbo deposits usually reqiure […]


Best Jumbo CD Rates from California Banks

California savers are seeking the highest cd interest rates at the moment because the 1-year CD rates are dropping due to moves by the Federal Reserve. Per your requests, our consumer banking editors have therefore collected the best jumbo CD rates from California banks and other financial institutions for a one year Jumbo CD, which […]


Highest Savings Account Rates from California Banks

If you live in California, you’re in luck. We Californians have some of the highest savings account rates int he nation available for our hard earned money. You don’t have to lock it in a high yield certificate of deposit to get more than 1.25% because there are a variety of California banks and thrifts […]


Best 2-year CD Rates from National Banks and Credit Unions

I want yield, yield, yield on my money, money, money. Everyone is looking for the best CD rates for their money. Mor einterest, more interest is all I ever hear. Ok, park it in a CD since it’s safe. But how long do you park it in a CD? One year, two years, three years? […]

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