California Money Markets Paying Less than 1-year CDs

California money market accountsMany California residents park their cash in California money market accounts hoping for great rates. It turns out that most one year CDs are paying far more than the money market rates. Only a few CA money market accounts are currently paying over 1.00% per annum whereas quite a few California banks offer one-year CD rates over 1%.

Here’s a list of the best rates currently available in CA:

Best California Money Market Rates

F & A Credit Union 1.40% APY
OneWest Bank 1.15% APY
State Bank of India 1.00% APY
First Choice Bank 1.00% APY
OneUnited Bank 0.90% APY
American Plus Bank 0.88% APY
The Fort Sill National Bank 0.85% APY
Northrop Grumman Federal Credit Union 0.80% APY
Wings Financial Credit Union 0.75% APY
Habib American Bank 0.75% APY
United Central Bank 0.70% APY

Best 1-year California CD Rates

Christian Community Credit Union 1.80% APY
United Central Bank 1.51% APY
First Choice Bank 1.50% APY
F & A Credit Union 1.50% APY
Alliant Credit Union 1.40% APY
American Plus Bank 1.38% APY
Nationwide Bank 1.35% APY
Southland Credit Union 1.30% APY
Habib American Bank 1.30% APY
Chevron Federal Credit Union 1.20% APY
Wings Financial Credit Union 1.16% APY
Lockheed Federal Credit Union 1.15% APY
Baxter Credit Union 1.15% APY
Addison Avenue Federal Credit Union 1.05% APY
State Bank of India 1.10% APY


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