“Geezer Bandit” Robs Yet Another California Bank

California banks, beware – the Geezer Bandit may strike you with geriatric contempt!

Authorities revealed that the iconic bandit has robbed his 13th bank, leaving some to wonder how police have let the stunningly old man get away with so many robberies.

The man strutted into a Santa Barbara Bank of America Friday evening, waved a pistol at the teller, and, in usual bank robber form, asked for cash. He crosses this bank off of his list after robbing 11 in the San Diego area in 2009, and another in Bakersfield last year.

One theory suggests that the man, who looks to be in his 70s, may be wearing a disguise – in that case, it could be a woman for all we know.

Sadly enough, The Geezer Bandit has become a veritable media icon, as he has a Facebook page made in his honor, as well as shirts printed with his likeness. However, police are asking folks to be cautious and to not glorify the criminal’s behavior.


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