In February 2017, we and Agenus amended this agreement.

The arrangement includes two agreements – a local currency bilateral swap agreement (LCBSA) that allows for the exchange of local currencies between the two central banks of up to US$7 billion; as well as a bilateral USD repurchase agreement of US$3 billion. The bilateral financial agreement was first signed in November 2018 and was also […]

Stabilisation and Association Agreements are a core component of this process.

5.3. Regular Distributions of Net Income. Subject to any retained earnings and to the statutory requirements related to corporate distributions, the net income of the Corporation may be distributed quarterly to the Shareholders in proportion to the number of shares of the Corporation owned by them. Such distributions shall be approved by all Shareholders. Shareholders […]

We found 1 possible solution for the Good Friday Agreement grp.

Regarding family size, a study of three Mexican cities done in 1991 came to the conclusion that there was no significant difference in the number of children in “housewife families” compared to those families with women who worked outside the home.[8] Examples of the heavy work involving farming that a traditional housewife in a rural […]

Generally, therefore, excludes agreements between competitors.

On or prior to termination of a distributorship agreement, a supplier may have the contractual option to buy-back from the distributor any remaining stock. A supplier should consider whether it wishes to exercise this option. Often the timeframe in which to do so is short. The reasons for wanting to do so can include: Copyright […]

The Mexico MRA is a bilateral, single sector agreement.

7. No neglect, delay or indulgence on the part of the owner in enforcing any terms or conditions of this agreement shall prejudice the rights of the owner hereunder. If you pay off your agreement early and keep the car, you may be entitled to a discount on the interest you have to pay. This […]

The chairperson was responsible for directing the agreement meeting itself.

For practical purposes, legal separations arent very common in modern times. In previous decades, couples sometimes decided to live separate lives without formally ending their marriage. In some cases, this was due to religious beliefs or social ideas that made divorce not an option. In other cases, people stayed married because one spouse needed financial […]

Procedures and a data use agreement were created for data requests.

Elans deal with Johnson & Johnson gives Elan the option to get financing from J&J to acquire Biogens rights to natalizumab if Biogen is acquired or undergoes some other change of control, according to Elan. And, according to Reuters, Elans $1.5 billion deal with J&J also gives J&J the option to purchase Biogens 50 percent […]

Moderators in order to lease agreement are stealing the new account.

Get a professional second opinion: In most situations, several people look over a business document before sending it out. This strategy is helpful because its human nature for the sole creator of a document to miss something. As mentioned earlier, its a good idea to have a legal professional take a second look at your […]

These documents form the executed agreement between you and Amex.

This first part of this article discusses what tanker pools are and why they are formed. The second part of this article discusses tanker pooling agreements, more specifically: their nature and purpose; a tanker owners obligations under the pooling agreement; a pool operators obligations under the pooling agreement; and how tanker owners are compensated under […]

Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement, Colombia Tariff Schedule.

The Urban Development Department has come forward to regulate the functioning of paying guest accommodations across the state, making their registration compulsory with the designated officer. Besides prescribing registration with fees, the rules also specify the number of guests that could live in a PG. Moreover, the law also makes it mandatory for a landlord […]

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