Building an Inclusive Podcast: Diversity and Representation Matters

In today’s diverse world, the concept of inclusivity has become increasingly significant in every sphere, and podcasting is no exception. Creating an inclusive podcast is not just about ticking boxes; it’s about embracing diversity in its truest sense and representing the myriad voices that make up our society. The Essence of Diversity in Podcasting Diversity […]

Israel Discount Bank Commitment to Personalized Banking

Israel Discount Bank (IDB) of New York hosted its annual soirée at the Beverly Hills Hilton hotel in California, drawing dignitaries, community leaders, business owners, and a diverse crowd of patrons.

Record Lending by U.S. Farm Banks Bolsters Rural Economy

U.S. farm banks set a new lending record in 2022, with loans totaling $103.1 billion, marking an 8.1% increase from the previous year, as reported in the American Bankers Association’s (ABA) annual Farm Bank Performance Report. The increase in lending occurred despite global supply chain disruptions, commodity price volatility, geopolitical uncertainty, and other challenges. Farm […]

Comprehensive CD Rate Comparison Shows Healthy Competition

Comprehensive CD rate comparisons found consistently low rates in the monthly survey of almost 4,800 banks and credit unions throughout the 50 states. The Bankrate survey All of the CD accounts at banks are FDIC insured, and credit unions are NCUA insured. The lowest rate isn’t always the best, because other factors play a major […]

Pacific Service Credit Union Runs with Kops for Kids

Pacific Service Credit Union Runs with Kops for Kids Regional credit union contributes to success of non-profit in Contra Costa County Concord, CA May 25, 2016 – Pacific Service Credit Union (Pacific Service CU), a full-service financial institution serving several counties throughout California, continues to provide noteworthy charitable assistance to local community organizations through its […]

California Bank of Commerce Growth Continues

California Bank of Commerce provides a unique banking experience for its business clients, with a broad range of commercial banking services to its target market, which is closely held businesses and professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area.The bank issued a press release detailing its income statement and balance sheet.

Security Bank Acquires Rabobank’s Murrieta Branch

Security Bank of California completed its purchase of a Murrieta branch from Rabobank N.A. Security Bank, and now has six full service branches in Southern California. The Murrieta branch comes with around $40 million in deposits, but no loans. James A. Robinson, Security Bank of California Chairman and CEO, said all of the current staff […]

California Bank of Commerce Increases Lending Efficiency With nCino Bank Operating System

California Bank of Commerce (OTCQX:CABC) has selected the nCino Bank Operating System to build more efficiency and cost effectiveness into their lending process. nCino’s Bank Operating System allows California Bank of Commerce to build and customize their loan workflows, and it allows changes as business needs change and grow. The bank’s forms and documentation will […]

How Germany’s September 12 Meeting Could Sink the Euro

On September 12, Germany’s Supreme Court will decide whether Germany can continue to put funds in the Euro stability pact, bailout programs, and thus whether there will be a Euro bond program and whether the Bundestaag will lose control of their own government. How the court decides can affect the future of the Euro because […]

Get on the Road to Repairing Your California Credit Score

When you have bad credit, everyday can seem like a terrible day even though it’s sunny California. You have a hard time getting a CA loan for a car or a home, and it seems like you will never get out ahead. Luckily, there is some help available to repair your poor California credit rating. […]

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