Stock Market

Other than CDs, savings accounts and money market funds, another way to get a high return on your money is from the dividend yield of stocks. But with today’s volatility, how do you know when it’s a safe time to buy those stocks to get high dividend yields? After all, you can buy a stock to capture a 6% yield, but it might go down in price. How can you avoid that risk? We have a suggested solution that entails some risk.

Here’s the solution we promised. For a limited time only, courtesy of a Stock Market Timing research company, we can give you a free piece of investment software which allows you to visually see in chart form when your stocks seasonally have their highs and lows to help you lower your purchase risks. You can use it to predict the best purchase times for dividend stocks, mutual funds, … anything you like. There’s no guarantee you’ll capture a stock at a high or low, but the software is 100% FREE and especially made for you, the financial consumer looking for an extra edge.

This free “Seasonal Software” shows you the historical seasonal highs and lows for share prices, and a more powerful version is available that also lets you see how your stocks or mutual funds have historically performed in different economic environments so you’ll know how they are likely to act going forward. Two sample charts are seen below … imagine what this could do for your mutual fund or stock picking, asset allocation and investment timing:

Apple Computer Seasonal Chart

Apple Computer stock chart

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