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California Bank Highest 1-year Money Market Rates Still Less than 1%

Money market rates from California banks are still exceedingly low. Our consumer banking reporters have found that these are the highest rates from CA banks which you can see are almost entirely less than 1%: California First National Bank 1.08% State Bank of India 1.00% OneWest Bank 0.90% OneUnited Bank 0.90% United Central Bank 0.85% […]


California Money Markets Paying Less than 1-year CDs

Many California residents park their cash in California money market accounts hoping for great rates. It turns out that most one year CDs are paying far more than the money market rates. Only a few CA money market accounts are currently paying over 1.00% per annum whereas quite a few California banks offer one-year CD […]


Where to, Oh CD Interest Rates?

As the interest rate yields on government Treasury bonds go up or down, so go the yields on government Treasury bills, bank money markets as well as CD interest rates. Historically, the yields on government 10-year Treasury notes generally matched the nominal GDP growth rate of the US economy. So if the GDP grew 3.5% […]


Highest California Jumbo Money Market Rates

Our California readers have asked us about the best or highest current jumbo money market rates because they don’t want to buy certificates of deposit and lock in a low rate right now. They’d rather take the risk that interest rates must rise sometime soon and park their somewhat substantial sum (jumbo deposits usually reqiure […]


The Highest Paying National Money Market Accounts

Where should I park my savings? In a savings account or money market? If a money market account, then which money market accounts are offering the best rates right now? Well, it all depends on whether you want a local bank or credit union, or want a national search for the best money market interest […]


Best California 12 month CD Rates

Based on a $10,000 deposit, here are the highest California bank or credit union 12 month cd rates that are over 1.5%. Christian Community Credit Union 1.90% $1k $250k $190 12 – 24 Month Kingdom Builder Certificates – New Money Only Habib American Bank 1.75% $1,500 – 12 Month CD – California First Choice Bank […]


SmartyPig Review

SmartyPig is a brilliant idea that helps you save and let’s others contribute to those savings as well. SmartyPig is an online website that helps you save toward a financial goal such as a wedding, vacation or some other purchase. Think of it as an online piggy bank that you deposit funds into for some […]


Best National Money Market Account Rates

Presently there are four banks that offer more than a yearly 2% return on their money market account. These four banks include: Everbank 2.25% SmartyPig 2.15% Evantage Bank 2.00% AmericaNet Bank 2.00% Each of these accounts has special conditions. Everbank’s rate only lasts for 3 months. SmartyPig’s APY involves setting up goals. Both Evantage Bank […]


Chase CD Rates

There’s been a lot of interest lately in Chase CD rates. As a large bank, JP Morgan Chase offers quite a few certificates of deposit and their best rates vary according to the amount invested. There are two categories of CDs — those under $10,000 and those amounting to $10,000 and over. The Chase Bank […]

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