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Best CD Rates from Online Internet Banks

Interest rates dropped quite a bit last week based on announcements by the Fed that it would buy Treasuries to help support the economy. That will keep interest rates low for awhile, so don’t expect higher CD rates anytime soon. The ripple effect of this move has caused CD rates to drop tremendously, but one […]


Ally Bank CD Rates – 1.48% APY 12-Month CD

Ally Bank CD rates (certificate of deposit rates) are among the best cd rates in the nation. You probably remember Ally Bank under a different name – the General Motors Acceptance Corporation, or GMAC. Founded 90 years ago, it’s still going strong offering great financial deals to consumers, though of course it has changed its […]


CD Rates Fall Further

It’s easy to find the best cd rates in the nation, but hard to find a good cd rate. Or a good money market or savings account interest rate. They’re just not there, whether it’s from a California bank rate or some other state. The average yield on 6-month jumbo CDs remained unchanged at 0.42%, […]


California Bank 1-year Best CD Rates

The national average yield on 1-year CDs (certificates of deposit) is .68% APY. But what aout California banks and their¬†highest interest rates on CDs? Here are the best 1-year CD rate deals banks in the biggest cities of California. If you want the best cd rates in California, start your shopping with this list: Los […]


California Banks Present Their Highest CD Rates for 5-year Money

The 5-year best CD rates from California banks appears to be Ally Bank at the moment. Its high yield 5-year Certificate of Deposit is paying 2.90%, compounded daily for a 2.94% APY. IronStone Bank of San Diego has a 5 year high yield CD paying 2.96% compounded daily, for a 3.00% APY. The minimum deposit […]

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