California CD Rates

Here’s a look at the best California CD rates right now from California banks and thrifts. This list does not include national internet banks, just CA financial institutions.

3-month California CD Rates

Bank of the Sierra 1.01%
Easthampton Savings Bank 1.00%
Chevron Federal Credit Union 0.95% D
Fort Knox Federal Credit Union 0.85%
American Plus Bank 0.80%
H&R Block Bank 0.75%
Hudson City Savings Bank 0.75%
Lockheed Federal Credit Union 0.75%
Virtual Bank 0.75%
RiverLand Credit Union 0.75%
Redding Bank of Commerce 0.75%
OneWest Bank 0.70%

6-month California CD Rates

Connexus Credit Union 1.50%
F & A Credit Union 1.30%
Ascencia Bank 1.11%
Bank of Internet USA 1.11%
OneWest Bank 1.10%
Ally Bank 1.09%
Virtual Bank 1.06%
Redding Bank of Commerce 1.06%
Chevron Federal Credit Union 1.05% 1.01%
KANZA Bank 1.01%

1-year California CD Rates

Connexus Credit Union 1.75%
United Central Bank 1.51%
F & A Credit Union 1.50%
Bank of Internet USA 1.41%
Melrose Credit Union 1.41%
Alliant Credit Union 1.40%
Ascencia Bank 1.40%
Woodlands Commercial Bank 1.37%
American Express Bank FSB 1.30%
Discover Bank 1.30%
Southeast Financial Federal Credit Union 1.30%
Sallie Mae Bank 1.30%
Habib American Bank 1.30%
American Express Centurion Bank 1.30%

2-year California CD Rates

Christian Community Credit Union 2.00%
United Central Bank 1.81%
Alliant Credit Union 1.80%
F & A Credit Union 1.80%
Habib American Bank 1.75%
Melrose Credit Union 1.66%
Wings Financial Credit Union 1.66%
Redding Bank of Commerce 1.66%
Country Bank for Savings 1.65%
Bank of Internet USA 1.60%
Discover Bank 1.60%
Nationwide Bank 1.60%

3-year California CD Rates

Christian Community Credit Union 2.25%
Melrose Credit Union 2.17%
Redding Bank of Commerce 2.12%
F & A Credit Union 2.10%
Acacia Federal Savings Bank 2.00%
Alliant Credit Union 2.00%
Bank of Internet USA 2.00%
Fort Knox Federal Credit Union 2.00%
Lockheed Federal Credit Union 2.00%
Country Bank for Savings 2.00%
Habib American Bank 2.00%
USAA Bank 2.00%
Premier Community Credit Union 2.00%
NuVision Credit Union 2.00%

We update this list of the highest yielding California CD rates regularly, so come back for more.

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