Best California CD Rates

As savers, we’re always looking for the highest CD interest rates possible for our money, so our most frequent request is for a list of the best California CD rates at the moment. The highest California bank CD interest rates often match some internet banks because some of these online banks are located in California!

Here’s a look at the best California CD rates right now from all California banks, thrifts and financial savings institutions. These are not your only options for great certificate of deposit interest rates, nor the best rates possible for your savings. This list does not include national internet banks, just CA financial institutions so if you expand your search nationwide, you’ll get the highest and best CD interest rates possible in the country. But for local CA bank CD rates, nothing beats this list which we update regularly.

3-month California CD Rates

Bank of the Sierra 1.01%
Easthampton Savings Bank 1.00%
Chevron Federal Credit Union 0.95% D
Fort Knox Federal Credit Union 0.85%
American Plus Bank 0.80%
H&R Block Bank 0.75%
Hudson City Savings Bank 0.75%
Lockheed Federal Credit Union 0.75%
Virtual Bank 0.75%
RiverLand Credit Union 0.75%
Redding Bank of Commerce 0.75%
OneWest Bank 0.70%

6-month California CD Rates

Connexus Credit Union 1.50%
F & A Credit Union 1.30%
Ascencia Bank 1.11%
Bank of Internet USA 1.11%
OneWest Bank 1.10%
Ally Bank 1.09%
Virtual Bank 1.06%
Redding Bank of Commerce 1.06%
Chevron Federal Credit Union 1.05% 1.01%
KANZA Bank 1.01%

1-year Best California CD Rates

Connexus Credit Union 1.75%
United Central Bank 1.51%
F & A Credit Union 1.50%
Bank of Internet USA 1.41%
Melrose Credit Union 1.41%
Alliant Credit Union 1.40%
Ascencia Bank 1.40%
Woodlands Commercial Bank 1.37%
American Express Bank FSB 1.30%
Discover Bank 1.30%
Southeast Financial Federal Credit Union 1.30%
Sallie Mae Bank 1.30%
Habib American Bank 1.30%
American Express Centurion Bank 1.30%

2-year California CD Rates

Christian Community Credit Union 2.00%
United Central Bank 1.81%
Alliant Credit Union 1.80%
F & A Credit Union 1.80%
Habib American Bank 1.75%
Melrose Credit Union 1.66%
Wings Financial Credit Union 1.66%
Redding Bank of Commerce 1.66%
Country Bank for Savings 1.65%
Bank of Internet USA 1.60%
Discover Bank 1.60%
Nationwide Bank 1.60%

3-year California CD Rates

Christian Community Credit Union 2.25%
Melrose Credit Union 2.17%
Redding Bank of Commerce 2.12%
F & A Credit Union 2.10%
Acacia Federal Savings Bank 2.00%
Alliant Credit Union 2.00%
Bank of Internet USA 2.00%
Fort Knox Federal Credit Union 2.00%
Lockheed Federal Credit Union 2.00%
Country Bank for Savings 2.00%
Habib American Bank 2.00%
USAA Bank 2.00%
Premier Community Credit Union 2.00%
NuVision Credit Union 2.00%

We update this list of the highest yielding best California CD rates on a regular basis, so come back often for the best CD rates in California.

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