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Gas Prices on the Rise?

The price of oil has slowly started to inch up, with pundits saying we shall soon see $100 per barrel again if the recession gives way. That certainly will mean higher gas prices. And speaking of higher gas prices, look at what the rest of the world is paying right now for gasoline: United States: […]


$5.00 Gas Again?

The former president of Shell Oil, John Hofmeister, recently stated in an interview with Platt’s Energy Week television that Americans might be paying $5 for a gallon of gasoline by the end of 2012. Hofmeister predicted gasoline prices will rise again as the global demand for oil start to once again increase. On the other […]


California Car Loan Rates

With the economy bad people are stretching out the number of years they hold their car. So how are California car loan rates faring? Here are the average figures for the US. 48 Month Used Car Average Loan Rate is 5.90% 48 Month New Car Average Loan Rate is 5.66% What about California? Here are […]


The Lowest California Bank Used Car Purchase Auto Loan Rates

I love the smell of new cars, but my next one just might have to be used because buying a used car, just one year old, saves me a whopping amount and I’ll hardly notice the difference in car quality. And that’s what a lot of people are thinking in this economy. Save a buck, […]


Best California Bank Rate Deals on 5-year Auto Loans

Want to buy a new car in California? Shopping around for great bank interest rate deals on 60-month (5-year) auto loans, this is what you’re likely to find at the moment: Los Angeles Chase Bank 4.92% for new car auto loans Nationwide Bank 6.67% – used car Kaiser Federal Bank 11.75% – new car Wells […]


How Much Are You Over-Paying For Your Auto Insurance?

One of the primary rules in personal finance is to save money, and when it comes to saving money, there’s no better way than by cutting expenses where you can. One of the first places you can look to cut your monthly bills is with your auto insurance. Every month most people have a list […]

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