Cal Bank Offers Equipment Loans, Services For Dental Offices

Dental offices have high startup and maintenance costs. Typically, equipment is so expensive that it has to be paid off over time.

California Bank & Trust just announced two new offers to help dental offices manage payments for new equipment and for other services. The new equipment loan is one component of the new product and service package, but it is also available on its own.

The new package offers a range of solutions from Professional Credit Lines to supplement cash flow, to deposit accounts and online banking, to merchant service card processing that gives more payment options to patients.

California Bank & Trust says it created these new products and services specifically for small and medium sized dental practices. The bank is committed to providing financial tools for small and medium sized businesses, so they can grow and expand their businesses.

Steve Borg, the bank’s senior vice president and corporate marketing director says the new loan, and the product and service package are both specifically tailored to help California dental businesses.

“Given the competitive landscape in the dental industry, helping to give dentists the resources they need means delivering smart financial solutions to streamline their banking relationship, improve cash flow, and give these professionals access to competitive financing options. We will work with dentists to take the worry out of their finances so they can do what they do best, care for their patients.”
– Steve Borg, California Bank & Trust

In February this year, the California Bank of Commerce announced their banking packages specifically tailored for dental and medical offices.


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