California Bank Highest 1-year Money Market Rates Still Less than 1%

california saving ratesMoney market rates from California banks are still exceedingly low. Our consumer banking reporters have found that these are the highest rates from CA banks which you can see are almost entirely less than 1%:

California First National Bank 1.08%
State Bank of India 1.00%
OneWest Bank 0.90%
OneUnited Bank 0.90%
United Central Bank 0.85%
The Fort Sill National Bank 0.85%
Habib American Bank 0.75%
CapitalSource Bank 0.60%
River City Bank 0.60%
American Plus Bank 0.58%

These are the highest current money market rates from California credit unions, and still generally less than 1%:

F & A Credit Union 1.40%
Partners Credit Union 1.00%
Star One Credit Union 0.90%
I.L.W.U. Credit Union 0.75%
Northrop Grumman Federal Credit Union 0.65%
Wings Financial Credit Union 0.65%
Antelope Valley Credit Union 0.65%
Downey Credit Union 0.65%
Contra Costa Federal Credit Union 0.55%
Western Federal Credit Union 0.50%


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