Penny Stock Millionaire – Is it Actually Possible?

tim sykes penny stock millionaireMany have tried to make their fortunes through penny stocks, and most have gone home broke. One individual stands out with a track record that is amazing — Tim Sykes — and once you earn how he does it you’ll be laughing to the back yourself.

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Tim started trading penny stocks at age 19. His track record includes:

* Turning $12,415 of initial bar mitzvah money into $1.65 million in less than 4 years – a 12,787% return. Yes, there are audited broker statements to prove it. Rock-solid proof that no one else in the penny stock field has ever supplied. If you have ever felt like venturing in to buy penny stocks, this is the guy to follow.

* He was ranked #1 short-bias hedge fund in the world from 2003-2006 by Barclay’s Ratings. You cannot fake this either.

* He’s been featured in just about every major media outlet from CNN… Business Week… The New York Times… Marketwatch… and more. Go check the news archives.

* He has documented returns of

197% in 2008
141% in 2009 … and
55% in 2010

which is an astounding 1,009% 3-year gain (before commissions)!

Here’s part of the way in which he makes his money — he identifies the penny stock scam artists, and then shorts their offerings. He has revealed more scams than we can count, which is part of the beauty of his trading technique. Yes he indeed finds “diamonds in the rough” – penny stocks to buy because of great, solid fundamentals – but some of the easiest money is to simply short the con menfter you find them.

Just watch the videos and be amazed how you can beat them at their own game through his 5 step plan:

penny stock scams revealed

For more information see Tim Sykes Penny Stock Millionaire Program.


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