Super Hedge Fund Trader Reveals Top Investment Trends for 2011

John Thomas Hedge Fund Trader millionaireSuper hedge fund genius trader John Thomas was kind enough to make these videos of the top investment trends for 2011 which the hedge funds will be trading…secretly, quietly … amassing silent fortunes while the government speaks gobbely-gook.

John Thomas is, like Jimmy Rogers and George Soros, one of the world’s top-performing hedge fund managers today, and is sharing his trades, experiences and recommendations in these free videos. He’s recommend 48 winners out of 49 trades in 2010 – with up to 76% GAINS in a single month and 400% Gains in four months, WITHOUT options or leverage of any kind.

Click here to watch “How to play the commodities boom,” which reveals what the big trends are today

Click here to watch How to Trade like a Hedge Fund Manager: Strategies & Tactics…

If you want to know what the next five to ten years have in store, it’s a declining dollar, distrust in financial assets, commodities boom due to world population growth, a suffering real estate sector for five years or more, and on and on … It’s all in the videos which gives hints as to IRA account asset allocation.


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