Which Hedge Fund Trades Should You Watch in 2011

2011 hedge fund tradesWho did well trading with market forecasts for IRA accounts last year? John Thomas, founder of the international hedge fund industry.

Last year (2010), the top performing stock market in the world was Argentina. He caught and recommended stock market number two, Chile (ECH) which went up +45% and he got a 75% return on Thailand (TF) by buying on a dip.

He got a great return out of Apple Computer (+55) this past 2010, the best performing large NASDAQ stock. He recommended the Chinese Internet provider Baidu (BIDU) (+96%), and was right on top of this 2010’s best IPO, for Molycorp (MCP) (+340%), buying it for $12.50, some $2.50 below the launch price. He aggressively recommended a short in the for-profit education firm Apollo Group (APOL) (-48%), of Phoenix University fame.

John correctly identified the emerging market debt (PCY) (a total return of 28%) as a big winner in 2010 and junk bonds (JNK) (total return of 17%) too, all of which did better than bank accounts and treasuries. He shorted Treasury bonds (TBT), picking the August bottom in yields within five days, riding it all the way back up from $30 to $42, for a healthy 40% gain.

The really huge call was on the rare earth stocks in May, with Avalon Rare Metals (AVL) soaring by 155% and Lynas Corp (LYSCF) up a blistering 432%.

John’s newsletter was also probably one of the earliest to recommend the food sector big time, as Jimmy Rogers recommends due to inflation rather than gold, and investors were richly rewarded from his recommendations on corn (CORN) up +59%, soybeans +54%, wheat 80%, and sugar (SGG) +150%.

Great. That was 2010. What are 2011?

Here are the forecasts for this year, 2011, in videos. Wonderful! Pay attention:

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May 2011 be as prosperous a year to you as he is profitable … best wishes from the Editors of CaliforniaConsumer Banking.com


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