7 Immediate Winners in 7 Open Positions for IRA’s

John Thomas - Mad Hedge Fund Trader

When we just a few days ago introduced our readers and IRA investors to John Thomas, also known as the “Mad Hedge Fund Trader”, we had seen his track record and analysis on the US economy. How little did we know how profitable the father of the international hedge fund industry would be for us personally … yes, the man who started it all.

His trading advice includes 7 winners out of 7 open positions in his trading book in the last 30 days, including a 385% gain in Bank of America. I must honestly confess that I made money from some of these trades myself … more than the bank pays me all year. The gains were immediate for my own IRA. Just from those trades alone my IRA increased in value more than it did all year.

You don’t have to subscribe to his newsletter, but you should watch his video on the long term trends of this next decade which mesh with our own. This is where the large money will be made and we want you to be educated on this. You should watch this video that lays out the five major market forces and trends driving global financial markets right now. He explains in detail the forces shaping the secular bull markets in various commodities sectors – including listing the ETFs in those sectors.

Where all the big money is to be made in 2011 and this coming decade

PLUS, he gives you the list of ??frontier?? markets the entire hedge fund industry is betting will replace the now-famous BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China) as the main drivers of growth.

The smart hedge fund money has been moving offshore because these countries are all experiencing growth rates far higher than the US. Their stock markets will therefore be booming for years to come, and you can capture a portion of that wealth through easy to trade ETF instruments. Park the money for retirement and collect the profits. Of course it’s not THAT simple because you still have to manage the position, but that’s why we asked you to look at his teachings and advice. Just watch:

You can take a test drive and use Google or Yahoo Finance, Big Charts or any third party service you like to examine his trade history for yourself.

??Can I follow your hedge fund trades in my IRA??? people ask.

The answer is, absolutely, YES.

For example, if you were just trading your IRA in 2010, then??

You could??ve captured the 400% move in rare earths in your IRA account.

You could??ve captured the 100% move in wheat in your IRA account.

You could??ve captured the 76% gain in Molycorp in your IRA account.

You could??ve captured just about all 48 of our recent winners (out of 49 recommendations)

You could??ve captured 92% of Mongolia??s 100% gain from inside your IRA using my backdoor strategies ? even though you can??t invest in Mongolia directly!

Plus, you could have played the rally across asset classes created by Ben Bernanke??s QE II announcement ? all from inside your IRA account!

Click here for details on how to get a 90-day, risk-free trial of his breakthrough new coaching program and trading service.

This is one of the best traders we have ever reported on who can help you increase your wealth and bump up that IRA. As real estate continues to decline, and as bank rates stay below 1% per year, consider other ways to increase your net worth such as following this experienced investor’s advice. He certainly knows how to compound money.


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