New California Savings Account Interest Rates

CA savings account ratesWe haven’t updated our California savings account interest rates reporting in a while because, well, rates have been so low and doing nothing at all. But times are a changing. We are starting to see some movement at the low end of the interest rate curve because rates are rising a bit.

Here are the best California savings account interest rates right now:

Best California Savings Accounts

Baxter Credit Union 3.00%
Wachovia Bank 3.00%
SmartyPig 1.75%
F & A Credit Union 1.51%
SFGI Direct 1.41%
Alliant Credit Union 1.35%
Southern Community Bank & Trust 1.35%
Capital One Direct Banking 1.35%
American Express Bank FSB 1.30%
Clear Sky Accounts 1.30%
Sallie Mae Bank 1.30%
American Express Centurion Bank 1.30%


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