Mad Hedge Fund Trader John Thomas Reveals How to Get Rich in 2011

Macro Millionaire Mad Hedge Fund traderIf you are like us, you want to put your money in something that will go up in price. You also want to know what world trends will cause your asets to go up in value, and where you should put yyour money in things other than cds.

You already know that sometime during mid-2011 we expect inflation to roar because of QE2 and the stock market to collapse. Interest rates will probably go up too after all these years of waiting. Already commodity prices have risen but the Fed won’t recognize this. Furthermore, the secular bull market in commodities has already made a lot of people rich, such as Jimmy Rogers who we often feature. These are people who put their own money on the line instead of government mouth piece officials who have been wrong about every major financial bubble so far.

In the last five months alone, people made up to 337% on trades WITHOUT even using options or leverage of any kind by betting on inflationary commodity price rises. This is where the money is right now. Today, I have a killer video showing you exactly where to find the highest returns

How to Get Rich in 2011 and World Trends Video

It’s by John Thomas. He runs one of the hottest hedge funds in the world right now. He’s breaking with Wall Street tradition and actually helping main street traders make serious money. He’s published 49 free trade recommendations in the last 5 months. 48 have been winners. John is not your average trader, either. Wall Street Titans like Paul Tudor Jones and George Soros have hired him to consult with their hedge funds.He founded Wall Street’s first-ever dedicated international hedge-fund. And right now, today, he’s one of the top-performing hedge fund traders in the world, based on performance.

This video he put together for regular people is getting amazingly positive feedback. Check it out now because it explains what you can expect to see in the world over the next few years, and where the “Vampire Squid” Goldman Sachs and other large firms are going to be making their monies. It’s not in bank cd interest rates, that’s for sure:

How to Get Rich in 2011 and World Trends Video

In this video, which blew me away after the first few minutes he establishes his credential, he reveals:

* The 3 hottest stock markets in the world
* The specific commodity sectors where you can make the most money
* Which little known markets are up 100% in 12 months – with bigger moves still ahead
* Hard asset primer for traders
* Doomed commodities to avoid like the plague
* And much, much more

I recommend you watch it now if you are interested in preserving your wealth and making it grow through Recession 2011. It’s 100% free and 100% content. No sales pitch.

How to Get Rich in 2011 and World Trends Video


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