Citibank Has Over 28000 ATMs Across the US

ATMOne of my banking accounts is at Citibank, and I was surprised to realize just how many ATMs they have across the US. This can make your banking experience very easy and convenient.

Did you know that Citibank has over 28,000 ATMs nationwide?   There are over 3,200 ATMs at more than 1,000 Citi branches. There are Citibank ATMs in approximately 6,000 participating 7-ELEVEN stores, over 900 ATMs in Publix supermarkets, and over 17,000 ATMs with the MoneyPass logo. 

High CD rates, free checking accounts, and high savings rates are what we usually report on, but sometimes we forget that convenience is a factor we should discuss, too. The more bank branches you have — such as for Bank of America, Wells Fargo, HSBC, Chase and so on — the easier it is to withdraw money to spend when you need it. You can get access to your linked Citi accounts through Citibank ATMs in tons of locations, and it is always fee-free in the United States. The numbers impressed me.



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