Bank of America Next Wikileak Target?

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange recently said he was soon going to release thousands of documents from a major US bank that will reveal the corruption style thinking prevalent in the offices of these giant financial institutitons.

Reporters everywhere have wondered what bank this might be. However, in an interview last year Assange revealed that he had acquired 5 gigabytes of Bank of America documents, so BofA executives may soon be in shock if the revelations spotlight them. Assange had said that the documents reveal the typical thinking patterns of executives in high banking circles that were more than unflattering, and possibly as explosive as the Enron scandal.

The trend projection chart of Bank of America stock prices, courtesy of analysts at Market Timing Research LLC, reveal a tendency for stock troubles from January through to March. The trend projection is the orange line in the chart below. Market Timing Research produces accurate trend projection charts used by active traders and hedge funds for the 100 largest US stocks in the S&P and NASDAQ markets.

Bank of America stock price projections


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