The Kim Kardashian Prepaid MasterCard Debit Card

Kim Kardashian KardWhat will they do next? Reality star Kim Kardashian has launched a new credit card called the “The Kardashian Kard. ” This is a prepaid credit card that seems aimed at youth because they cannot yet be approved for credit cards.

In terms of card characteristics, it costs between $60 and $100 to activate the card, which is an extremely large starter fee for prepaid cards. In fact, most of the Kardashian Kard fees are outrageously large compared to those for ordinary debit cards. Here is a list of the high fees:

Kardashian Prepaid MasterCard (Debit Card) Fees

Card Purchase (Includes monthly fees for 6 months) $59.95
Card Purchase (Includes monthly fees for 12 months) $99.95
Monthly Fee (Applies after initial purchase period) $7.95
Card Replacement – Primary or Companion $9.95

ATM Withdrawal – Domestic $1.50
ATM Inquiry or Decline – Domestic $1.00
ATM Withdrawal – International $2.50
ATM Inquiry or Decline – International $2.00

Point of Sale – Decline -Domestic $1.00
Point of Sale – Decline – International $1.00

External Checking or Savings Transfer (To/From) $1.00
Account to Account Transfer * $1.00
Retail Load Fee (MoneyGram) $1.00
Load Account by Debit/Credit Card ** $1.00
Cancel Account – Request Balance Mailed by Check $6.00
Service Center Care-Live operator $1.50
Bill Pay – Per Item $2.00
Replacement Card Expedite Fee (Overnight) $25.00

* Fee for transferring money from external accounts and to other cardholder accounts
** 2.5% surcharge of transaction amount applies

Consumers are warned they can get better debit card deals elsewhere, but if you want to buy a celebrity card like this and waste your cash, it is up to you. As consumer advocates on personal finance and banking matters, we simply say “PASS.”


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