Best California CD Rates Comparison Table

Here is the list of the best California CD rates at the moment. Compare and contrast the highest California CD interest rates from local California banks and financial institutions.

3-month CD
1.00% APY OneWestBank
American Plus Bank
First Choice Bank
6-month CD
1.55% APY F&A?Credit Union $1000
1.80% APY Christian Community?Credit Union $1000
2.05% APY F&A?Credit Union $1000
2.45% APY F&A?Credit Union $1000
4-year CD 2.95% APY F&A Credit Union $1000
5-year?CD 3.10% APY F&A?Credit Union $1000

If you want the highest California CD interest rates, this list can start your quest for the best current interst rates on CD savings. You will usually find the best California CD rates from an internet bank or local credit union. For a full list of the best online bank CD rates you can check our other articles as this list is just for local institutions having CA physical locations and branch offices.


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