The Best Jumbo CD Rate is 1.5% Right Now

best jumbo cd ratesThe average jumbo CD rate yield has fallen to around 1.00%. This means you only get a 1% return on your money if you lock it up for a year in a certificate of deposit. The highest paying jumbo CD right now in the US pays just less than 1.5%, and that’s the absolute very best jumbo CD rate you can get nationwide. Dividend stocks, assuming their price stays constant, pay much more than that so investors are shaking their heads.

The jumbo CD usually pays higher interest than a regular CD or savings account and money market. Jumbo CDs have a very high minimum buy in amount usually of around $100K, but this is why they pay better interest than smaller regular CDs. The jumbo CD rate is usually the best rate you can get, all other factors being equal. You are charged a penalty for withdrawing funds before the maturity date.

The banks paying the highest interest rates on jumbo CDs right now include Ally Bank, Aurora Bank, Bank of Internet USA,, Ascencia, and Nationwide Bank. You will usually find these interent banks (and several others) at the top of most listings for the national highest yielding best CD rates.


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