Highest California Jumbo Money Market Rates

jumbo money market ratesOur California readers have asked us about the best or highest current jumbo money market rates because they don’t want to buy certificates of deposit and lock in a low rate right now. They’d rather take the risk that interest rates must rise sometime soon and park their somewhat substantial sum (jumbo deposits usually reqiure $95K-$100K in funds) in a high yield money market right now that pays the highest interest rate possible.

You asked, so we deliver … Here are the best jumbo money market rates from California banks and financial institutions AND great internet bank money market accounts, too. You’ll find the best rates coming from the online internet banks.

RiverLand Credit Union 2.00% APY Money Market IRA
F & A Credit Union 1.60% APY Money Market Plus
Connexus Credit Union 1.50% APY Y.E.S Money Market
Fort Knox Federal Credit Union 1.50% APY Money Market Share Account
H&R Block Bank 1.50% APY Money Market Account
EverBank 1.26% APY Yield Pledge Money Market
Franklin Synergy Bank 1.35% APY Synergy Money Market Account
Evantage Bank 1.00% APY Mega Money Market
Capital One Direct Banking 1.30% APY Money Market Account
Discover Bank 1.30% APY Discover Bank Money Market
TriState Capital Direct 1.30% APY Direct Money Market
First Choice Bank 1.30% APY Personal Money Market Account
AIG Bank 1.26% APY Money Market Account
Ally Bank 1.25% APY Money Market Account
Danversbank 1.25% APY Index Money Market Account
State Farm Bank 1.25% APY Money Market
First Internet Bank of IN 1.25% APY Money Market Savings
iGObanking 1.21% APY iGOmoneymarket
American Plus Bank 1.18% APY Personal Money Market Account
Giantbank.com 1.16% APY Giant Money Market
Virtual Bank 1.16% APY eMoney Market
State Bank of India 1.15% APY Money Market Account
Excel National Bank 1.15% APY Premium Personal Money Market
OneWest Bank 1.15% APY E-Money Market
Lake Michigan Credit Union 1.15% APY Insured Money Market
Nationwide Bank 1.15% APY Money Market
Navy Federal Credit Union 1.15% APY Jumbo Money Market Savings Account
Jacksonville Bank 1.15% APY Personal Money Market
AmTrustDirect 1.15% APY Premium e-Money Market Account
Hillcrest Bank 1.15% APY Capital Performance Money Market

If you’re looking for a the highest California jumbo money market rates, this list is sure to help.


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