Best CD Rates from Online Internet Banks

bst cd ratesInterest rates dropped quite a bit last week based on announcements by the Fed that it would buy Treasuries to help support the economy. That will keep interest rates low for awhile, so don’t expect higher CD rates anytime soon. The ripple effect of this move has caused CD rates to drop tremendously, but one thing has stayed constant. The best CD rates for your money can still be found primarily among the online internet banks.

Here’s a review of some of the Best CD rates from Online Internet Banks and other financial institutions

6 month CD rates: 1.25% APY
Aurora Bank 1.19% APY
Ascencia Bank 1.17% APY
Virtual Bank 1.16% APY
Ally Bank 1.14% APY 1.11% APY
Discover Bank 1.00% APY

1 year CD rates:
Sallie Mae Bank 1.55% 1.51% APY
Ascencia Bank 1.50%
Bank of Internet USA 1.48% APY 1.46% APY
Ally Bank 1.44% APY
Aurora Bank 1.44% APY
Virtual Bank 1.41% APY
AIG Bank 1.41% APY
American Express Bank 1.30% APY

2 year CD rates:
Bank of Internet USA 1.89% APY
Aurora Bank 1.84% APY
Virtual Bank 1.82% APY
ISN Bank 1.81% APY
Ally Bank 1.80% APY
Discover Bank 1.80% APY 1.95% APY
Bank of Internet USA 1.89% APY
American Express Bank 1.75% APY

3 year CD rates:
Sallie Mae Bank 2.30% APY 2.30% APY
USAA Bank 2.25% APY
Bank of Internet USA 2.18% APY
Ally Bank 2.17% APY
AIG Bank 2.15% APY
American Express 2.15% APY
Aurora Bank 2.12% APY
Discover Bank 2.10% APY
Virtual Bank 2.07% APY

If you are interested in the best CD rates possible for your savings, you can start your search with these premier online internet banks and some large financial insittuions. Ally Bank, American Express Bank, Virtual Bank, Discover Bank … they are all here. This is where you’ll find your highest cd rates and best CD rates choice.


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