Highest Savings Account Rates from California Banks

If you live in California, you’re in luck. We Californians have some of the highest savings account rates int he nation available for our hard earned money. You don’t have to lock it in a high yield certificate of deposit to get more than 1.25% because there are a variety of California banks and thrifts that offer a 1.25% or greater return on your funds.
savings account rates
Now a lot of people have complained that savings account rates are not very high, but since it’s out of our control, let’s just search for the best rates we can possibly find. Remember that all funds for participating banks are protected by the FDIC up to $250,000 and that if you want even higher interest rates, you might choose to lock in a high CD rate yield instead. The following figures are based on a personal account deposit of $10,000.

Compare the highest savings account rates from California and national banking institutions

Baxter Credit Union 3.00% – Rainy Day Savings over 1 year
SmartyPig 2.15% – SmartyPig Savings
Bank of the Sierra 2.09% – Sierra Reward Savings – Qualifying
FirstBank of Colorado 0.90% – 2 Year Time Savings
Alliant Credit Union 1.50% – Savings Account
Palladian Private Bank 1.50% – Savings Account
Beach Business Bank 1.50% – High-Yield Savings Account
Sallie Mae Bank 1.40% – High-Yield Savings
Capital One Direct Banking 1.35% – InterestPlus Online Savings Account
Discover Bank 1.35% – Discover Bank Online Savings
Southern Community Bank & Trust 1.35% – Ready Saver Account
American Express Bank 1.30% – High Yield Savings
Clear Sky Accounts 1.30% – Clear Sky Savings
Ally Bank 1.29% – Online Savings Account
First National Community Bank (PA) 1.25% – Maximun Earnings Online Savings Accounts
Presidential Online Bank 1.25% – Premier Savings
Savings Square 1.25% – Square Savings
CNB Bank Direct 1.25% – High Yield Savings

Within this list you are sure to find some great savings account rates possibilities.


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