Best 2-year CD Rates from National Banks and Credit Unions

best 2 year cd ratesI want yield, yield, yield on my money, money, money. Everyone is looking for the best CD rates for their money. Mor einterest, more interest is all I ever hear.

Ok, park it in a CD since it’s safe. But how long do you park it in a CD? One year, two years, three years? Over the last twelve years the stock market has done squat, so where do you put your money (and for how long) if it’s true that we have never really left the recession, and phase two is going to be a whammy?

Take a look at this list of nationwide banks and what they are offering for the best 2-year CD rates.

Compare the Best 2-year CD rates from Banks and Credit Unions

Alliant Credit Union 2.15% – 35 Month Share CD
Community Bank of Pleasant Hill 1.80% – 27 Months Rate Watcher CD
Community Bank of Raymore 1.80% – 27 Month Emerald Club Rate Watcher CD
Melrose Credit Union 2.02% $5k – 2 Year Share CD Certificate
Fort Knox Federal Credit Union 2.00% – 24 Month CD
American Bank N.A. 1.90% – 24 Month Flex CD
Bank of Internet USA 1.89% – 24 to 35 months Personal CD
Discover Bank 1.85% – 24 Month CD
Atlantic Coast Bank 1.85% – 24 Month iCertificates of Deposit
Virtual Bank 1.82% – 2 Year eCD
Ally Bank 1.82% – 2 Year Raise Your Rate CD
AIG Bank 1.81% – 24 Month CD
Acacia Federal Savings Bank 1.80% – 24 Month CD
Wings Financial Credit Union 1.76% – 2 Year Share Certificate
American Express Bank 1.75% – 24 Month CD
Doral Bank Direct 1.75% – 24 Month Certificate
Presidential Online Bank 1.75% – 2 Year CD
H&R Block Bank 1.75% – 24 Month CD
Intervest National Bank 1.75% – 2 Year CD
Pentagon Federal Credit Union 1.75% – 2 Year Money Market Cerificates
Jacksonville Bank 1.75% – 24 Month CD
RiverLand Credit Union 1.75% – 24 Month Certificate

For the best 2-year CD rates for your money, search this list and you can find both internet and California banks.


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