Best 5 year CD rates from California Banks

best 5 year CD ratesHere are the highest, best 5 year CD rates from California banks right now. Everyone is searching for a higher yield on their savings. The interest rates are at record lows, so what is a California citizen to do? Check the list.

If the forecasts for the stock market being in a slump for the next few years, as happened to Japan, become true, then maybe locking in a long term 5-year certificate of deposit rate is smart. After all, over the last 10 years, people who did that would have made money while those who didn’t lost money. But the yields are so darn low. As Charlie Brown would say, “Arghhhhh!”

Here then are the best 5-year CD rates from California banks.

The first line shows the California bank and the yield rate (APY) on the 5-year CD. The next line shows the minimum deposit for being able to purchase the CD. These are the top 5-year CD rates you are likely to find right now, and California has some of the highest such rates in the nation (because our CA banks need the money due to our suffering real estate).

Ally 2.80% APY
Min deposit $0

Kaiser Federal Bank 2.75% APY
Min deposit $1000

Sterling Bank and Trust 2.50% APY
Min deposit $500

Pacific Trust Bank, FSB 2.27% APY
Min deposit $350

UnionBank 2.25% APY
Min deposit $350

IronStone Bank 2.25% APY
Min deposit $500

Bank of America 2.00% APY
Min deposit $1000 ­

Citibank 2.00% APY
Min deposit $500 ­ ­

Wells Fargo Bank 1.90% APY
Min deposit $2500

Chase Bank 1.25% APY
Min deposit $1000

This list will give you the best 5-year CD rates for California banks.


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