Paypal Plus Mastercard

Paypal is one of the easiest ways to instantly send money to another person across the world or pay for purchases online. A lot of people like using Paypal to pay for internet goods and service purchases because it’s one extra buffer that prevents internet credit card fraud and protects you as a consumer. It offers additional protection on purchases beyond that of a traditional PayPal account, and those benefits include zero liability for unauthorized charges.

Paypal offers two options: the Paypal Plus MasterCard, created especially for Paypal members, or their debit card. The credit card is a rewards card which goes by the points system. If you earn enough points, you can pick a reward.
Paypal credit card by Mastercard
Here’s how the card works. The Paypal Plus Mastercard has no annual fee. You will earn one PayPal Plus Reward Point for every dollar you spend on purchases everywhere Mastercard is accepted. The rewards start at 1,000 points:

1,000 points – Free shipping up to $7 on a PayPal purchase
2,500 points – $25 Reward Voucher
9,500 points – $100 Reward Voucher

In addition to getting MasterCard Platinum benefits, here’s the kicker. You can even personalize the face of the card with your own picture if you like, though PayPal has to approve it. And, because this is from paypal, you can pay your balance and monthly bill by logging in to your PayPal account. To get approved for the card, it’s recommended that your credit score be at least 675.

The Paypal debit card is also quite convenient. The nice thing about this card is that you can keep money in your Paypal account and still access it when you need cash because works at any ATM machine. So you have two choices — a debit or credit card at Paypal.


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