Chase CD Rates

Chase cd ratesThere’s been a lot of interest lately in Chase CD rates. As a large bank, JP Morgan Chase offers quite a few certificates of deposit and their best rates vary according to the amount invested. There are two categories of CDs — those under $10,000 and those amounting to $10,000 and over. The Chase Bank cd rates for the normal various maturities and deposits amounts are as follows:

$1,000 Minimum Chase CD Rates

6-Month 0.25% APY
12-Month 0.25% APY
24-Month 1.01% APY
36-Month 1.01% APY

$10,000 Minimum Chase CD Rates

9-Month 0.50%
13-Month 1.01%
24-Month 1.25%
36-Month 1.50%
48-Month 1.75%
60-Month 2.25%

While Chase Bank is a big name, its CD rates aren’t so big. The average CD rate across the nation is approximately .68% for a one-year Certificate of deposit. The Chase CD rates only beat that with a larger $10,000 minimum savings certificate of of deposit. Many other banks beat Chase when it comes to their interest rate for other CD maturities too.

For smaller savers, you’re better off going to options like SallieMae, Discover Bank, Capital One, Aurora Bank and Ally for great CD rate yields.


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