The 8 Lowest Paying Jobs in California

Here are the lowest paying jobs in the nation, which includes California, as reported by the Bureau of Labor statistics. Students and part time summer job workers aside, work these jobs if you want to get poor or stay poor …

Fast Food Workers – pays an average of $8.71/hour or $18,000 per year. Not enough to pay the rent and take care of two kids.

Dishwashers – $8.81/hour is what you can expect

Cashiers – earn about $9.15/hour for the second most popular job in America!

Hosts and Hostesses – $9.23 an hour, which is a little less than the $9.83/hour that waiters and waitresses make. Get this book if you’re a waiter/waitress and want to double or triple your income through higher tips

Amusement park attendants – work at Disney in Florida and you get about $9.23 an hour, unless you’re a star, of course

Ticket takers – $9.43 an hour

Farm Workers – a dangerous, uncomfortable tiring job that pays $9.51 an hour, mostly done by immigrants in our home state of California. Stop complaining about them taking jobs unless you can find someone willing to step in and take up the lifestyle. Admit it: they’re hard to replace.

Home Health Aides – while expected to grow by 50% over the next 10 years, it this type of job only pays $9.75/hour


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