Prepaid Debit Cards Offer Substantial Advantages Over Checking Accounts

Are checking accounts going to disappear? Not for the time being, but banks are so desirous to eliminate them that they are creating new financial vehicles all the time. The company AccountNow offers a new financial innovation that effectively eliminates the need to open a checking account.

The solution is called a “prepaid debit card.” It gives you most all the benefits that a checking account provides, and more. Here's how it works …

The Worldwide Power of a Visa or Mastercard

The perfect alternative to a checking accountAccountNow offers Prepaid Visa and Prepaid MasterCards that work just like a checking account. They allow you to pay for your purchases from merchants, pay bills online, make travel reservations, and are accepted universally wherever Visa or MasterCard is accepted. In short, they allow you to do everything a Visa or Mastercard can do such as pay for goods or services or withdraw cash at ATMs or banks. You can also make deposits into your account, including paycheck direct deposits, by phone or at any ATM worldwide.

Safer than cash:

The prepaid debit card deposits are FDIC insured, the same as a regular bank account. In fact, using an AccountNow Prepaid Visa or Prepaid MasterCardis safer than carrying cash. Not only is your account FDIC insured, but if your card is lost or stolen you are fully protected from unauthorized charges made to your prepaid card account. If you must walk around at night in an unsafe area, the cards represent a prudent extra step to help protect yourself from loss.

Take Control of Your Spending and Manage Your Money Better:

The benefit of using Prepaid cards rather than a checking account or credit card is that the cards allow you to budget yourself and take control of your finances in the way that these other options cannot. When you pay with a Prepaid card, you never have to worry about overdrafts or bounced checks or running up a tab because you can only spend money that you have.

In these last few years, many people have taken on more credit and debt that they can handle but by using prepaid debit cards you don't have to worry about going into further debt. They represent a way to manage your personal finances so that you can get out of the debt hole.

AccountNow Prepaid cards are therefore the perfect way to budget ourselves on a daily basis. You can use your card to your heart's content and you won't ever be in debt. The money you spend is yours so once it's gone you cannot spend any more until you make another deposit. There are no more finance charges, interest charges, late charges, or overdraft fees … and this potentially saves you hundreds of dollars a year.

One of the best things is that anyone over the age of 18 can apply and get approved without regard to their past credit record, so you can get a card and start using it even if you have poor credit or had banking problems in the past.

Pay Bills and Build Your Credit History:

AccountNow Prepaid Visa or Prepaid MasterCard also help you build up your credit history. Naturally you can use the cards to pay your bills online, saving you time and money, but also establishing your credit worthiness.

Also, AccountNow offers an iAdvance Line of Credit, which is like a short term loan for getting advance cash from your pay check even before it's deposited. This amount is automatically paid back when you deposit your paycheck, but the service is cheaper than a payday loan. Because you are constantly paying back the loan, AccountNow will report your new payment history to the major credit bureaus, helping you to establish a positive credit history.

If you're looking for the financial freedom these cards provide, check out Prepaid Visa and Prepaid MasterCard's from AccountNow today, click here

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