Can't Live on the Current Low CD Rates?

It used to be that investors could park their money in a high yield CD and live off the interest. Of course, that was years ago before interest rates fell to the lows we now see. At best, investors who park their money in a 5-year California bank CD might see a 3.5% AYD, but everyone knows that the Fed will eventually have to raise rates. So what’s one to do?

If you need higher interest income, the best bet is to go see an investment advisor who might suggest an annuity or dividend yielding stocks. Even stocks with high dividend yields present a problem because with a bear market the value of shares will fall, and so will one’s principal.

Hopefully a retiree who needs yield has other sources of income such as a pension or Social Security. If you are still pre-retirement, consider seeing a financial planning specialist who can determine how much income you need and the best course sof action to secure your financial future.

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