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Can't Live on the Current Low CD Rates?

It used to be that investors could park their money in a high yield CD and live off the interest. Of course, that was years ago before interest rates fell to the lows we now see. At best, investors who park their money in a 5-year California bank CD might see a 3.5% AYD, but […]


Financial Reform Benefits California Credit Card and Debit Card Users

After over one month of haggling and back door negotiations, Congress has put together the final touches on a financial reform bill. Several new rules will directly benefit consumers, especially as regards credit cards and also those who want to pay cash for their merchant transactions. The new bill will establish a Consumer Financial Protection […]


The Top 5 California Bank Highest CD Rates

One year CD rates continue to be pitifully low across the nation, and with the recent Fed meeting announcement today we don't expect to see an increase in rates anytime soon. Rate watchers are continuing to shop for the best rates around, knowing that at some time in the future rates will have to rise […]


California Defaulters Hit Hard by Fannie Mae's New Rules

Fannie Mae last week announced that it would deny government backed mortgages to homeoweers for seven years if they could afford their home but who walked away from mortgage payments because the home dropped in value. If you are a California home buyer who had the ability to pay your mortgage and didn't try to […]

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